Taking Back Humanity

Transform your life and take back your humanity

Life is short and you don’t always know what to do with it. You can sit in a cubicle and make money for someone else, and have very little of your own time to do what you want. Or you can transform your way of thinking and create a life built around what you are already passionate about. Enjoy what you do instead of being miserable. Know what is possible.

If you want this for yourself, learn from an expert side hustler, entrepreneur, and life coach how to unlimit your life and break the chains that hold you back.

Aaron Shade
Travel and Life Coach

I’m a world traveler who quit the 9-5 cubicle life to live a life of travel. I’ve unlimited my travel by saving money on things that aren’t important while also earning money from multiple streams. Learn more about how to unlimit your travels at bigtinyworld.com/unlimited

I’m based in Oregon and currently help run a travel business called Big Tiny World Travel. I have been out of the cubicle since 2019.

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