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Taking Back Your Life – Travel

Taking Back Your Life – Travel

Traveling isn’t for everyone. However, I do believe it can change your views of life and the world we live in. Most my days I spend hunched over a computer, working in Excel spreadsheets. My pay is good, but so what. Am I happy? Not really. The day job seems to get in the way of my passions. For me that is traveling the world and making quality films on YouTube.

Mitaka Japan - Near Studio Ghibli

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The Comfortable Uncomfortable – Overcoming Your Fears

All of us have some kind of fear built in.

Some fear is silly or unfounded, while other fear is necessary for survival. At one time I was afraid of being in high places. Now I can not get enough of them. Why, you might ask? Because I exposed myself to heights enough that they were no longer a big deal. It took some time, but over time I challenged myself to get closer to the edge of a cliff and look down. In all fairness, I still will not dangle my legs off the sides, but I still have something to push myself towards.
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