Taking Back Social Life

Being social is a key to really living and enjoying life.   I’ve found that when I am socializing with friends, my happiness and health improve dramatically.  The problem with our current world is that we are connecting more to our devices than we are with the people we care about.  As a result we begin to isolate ourselves without even knowing it.


Isolation behavior examples

  • A couple that goes out to dinner and spends half the time on their cell phones
  • The cousin that prefers texts to phone calls
  • Kids that don’t play with their friends because they prefer to play video games or browse the web
  • A programmer who works from home instead of going into the office

The internet allows us to do so much more without ever leaving the convenience of our home.  If we don’t get out, we stay isolated.  However, by using the power of the internet, we can obtain social interaction with a website called meetup.com. This site has allowed me to meet and establish several long-term friends with common interests.  You can find just about any type of group out there in your local area, and if you can’t, then you can start your own.  Here are a few other things that can help you be more social.


Social behavior examples

  • Calling a friend (yes actually calling them, not texting)
  • Joining a group that has similar interests (volunteer groups, hobby groups or sports activities)
  • Walking the neighborhood with your dog (or cat) and chatting with neighbors
  • Rounding up your five best friends and doing some activity together
  • Dating, even if you are married to the one you date

So this is your chance if you are ready for it.  Turn off that device and find time to take back your social life.

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