Taking Back Time

As I write this post, I’m thinking to myself; “I don’t have time to write a blog post.”  I’m thinking about what photo I should put in it and searching the internet for non-copyrighted photos.  Then I step back and realize that I’m wasting my time and need to put words down.  Reality hits me in full force…….

We spend our days surrounded with distractions that suck out our precious souls in exchange for quick bits of entertainment.  Facebook, twitter, cats in space, or whatever else is happening online.  People are glued to their devices and never realize how much time is slipping by as they are in another world all together.  I see endless people attached to their phones, walking aimlessly like they are possessed by demons.  Screens, day in and day out.

Meanwhile, we have all of these things we want to do or see and can never find the time.  Below are some ideas that may help you take back your time.

  1. UNPLUG: Dedicate screen-free blocks of time where you can’t watch TV, or review the latest Facebook post.  In my case I’ve dedicated Thursday night to be a screen free night where I focus on spending quality time with family, going for a walk to the park, having a nice dinner, or just getting some things done.  It feels refreshing to disconnect.
  2. LOG YOUR ACTIVITIES:  Keep a log for one week of how much time you spend watching TV, playing on the internet, cooking, doing chores, video games, or anything else you spend your time doing. See where you are wasting the most time and focus on removing or reducing activities that don’t help you reach your goals.  Do you really need to watch Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, and The Family Guy all at the same time?
  3. NO EXCUSES:  Stop letting the “I don’t have time” demons from resurfacing.  Make the time for what is important and overcome any obstacles that get in your way.  Have a plan to get A, B and C done before you play.  Eliminating wasteful activities will allow you the freedom to do more things you care about.


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